The Bible is all about these FOUR fundamentals

Many have regarded the Bible as a Religious, Historical, Scientific, Law, Philosophical book, etc but the Bible is more than that. We can simply break it down into four influences. The Bible is all about A King, His Kingdom, His Family and A Defeated Enemy. God is the King who runs the entire universe. He created a human family(man and woman) just like Him but with a body(for God is spirit and a human is a spirit in a body) to share His love and to rule a small portion of the universe called the planet Earth. He established His Kingdom on earth and gave the first human family the authority to rule the earth on behalf of God (Gen.1:26). And God shared His rulership with his children – both man and woman. God was living in the first humans through His Holy Spirit to help them with rulership. To rule the earth, He gave mankind His Life, His Character, His Spirit and the ability to rule. That’s why when someone tries to impose a rule on us, there is a natural response to resist.

When the first mankind fell into sin by obeying the adversary, the devil’s lies, God’s Kingdom on earth was withdrawn because God is holy and His Kingdom has no room for unholiness.Therefore, God could no longer live in man through His Holy Spirit because of sin. Both man and woman were able to sense the withdrawal of God’s Life, His Kingdom, His Spirit and His presence (Gen.3:6,7) from them. Satan got the authority to rule the earth from mankind(Luk.4:6) by making them obey him (Rom.6:16) and thereby establishing his kingdom over the earth. Since then, Satan’s kingdom began to rule the world (John.14:30 ESV) and it’s still functioning in today’s world. Now you can see why the world is filled with so much trauma, violence and crime. His ultimate goal is to destroy the people of this world (John.10:10).

Mankind was not created to die but when the first humans sinned, death came on all mankind through their sin (Rom.5:12). God could not resolve the usurp of authority right there because when He gave the authority to mankind to rule the earth, He excluded Himself (Gen.1:26). This means God must become man and pass through death to get back that authority from satan and restore it to mankind. Will He go to that extent to do this? The answer will reveal how much God loves us. He made a promise in Gen.3:15 NCV that He will come through the woman’s offspring, and defeat him and his kingdom, and get back the authority from him and give God’s Kingdom back to mankind that they were created to function in.

Many centuries later, God stepped into time. He sent His Son Jesus to earth to save mankind from their sins and from the hands of satan, by first announcing the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. As God promised in Gen.3:15 NCV, Jesus defeated satan at the cross, passed through death(He also conquered death by coming to life again and never died after that) and got the earth’s authority back (Matt.28:18). The Heaven’s and Earth’s authority are with Jesus now. So, He is inviting everyone to come back to His Kingdom(Ghar vaapsi – For this is our home) and live in victory over the defeated enemy, satan. Those who believe in Jesus for salvation become God’s children and member of God’s family. This redeemed group of people is now restored with God’s Life, His Nature and His Spirit again. These people are a new people – ‘God in man’ people, for God has come to live in them.

Today, we have two kingdoms on earth – God’s Kingdom and satan’s kingdom. And God wants everyone to be saved through Jesus and to come into His Kingdom now. You need not wait to die to get into God’s Kingdom. Since God’s Kingdom is here on earth(Matt.12:28), you can enter into it now (John.3:5). You can begin to experience a foretaste of Heaven on Earth. This redeemed people have come into a Kingdom that can never be destroyed(Dan.7:14) or shaken by anything (Heb.12:28).

The Bible culminates with these two kingdoms having two different destinies. There is no middle ground. Each one of us will either be in one or the other kingdom. We will end up in eternity, along with the leader we follow during our time here on earth(Every follower follows their leader to their destiny). So, it’s important to choose and accept Jesus now, and have a full guarantee for your eternity to live in God’s Kingdom. (Read this to understand how to receive Jesus for salvation from sin and satan)

Climax: Jesus is going to come back again to take His family, after which the world and it’s ruler will be destroyed. Satan, his demonic angels and all the people who lived in his kingdom while here on earth, will be sent off to a separate place called the Lake of fire (Rev.20:15). And then God is going to create a new universe(a new heaven and a new earth) and His redeemed people will rule with Him forever and ever (Rev.22:5).