About us

Welcome to Kingdom Life&Fellowship Church. We are a family of believers of our Lord Jesus Christ, determined and striving to becoming disciples of Jesus and living godly lives in an ungodly generation. We proclaim the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached and inaugurated, the new covenant truths and the true grace of God as found in God’s Word and live it out ourselves, being examples to others in the fellowship by our life.

We believe that God loves everyone, and through Jesus Christ, we are saved and brought into fellowship with God and with one another and we can experience a foretaste of Heaven on Earth. The purpose of every man, woman and children is to glorify God in our personal life, family life and church life. Striving to that purpose, we gather to learn, to fellowship, to love God and one another, to serve God and one another, to pray and equip God’s people to live faithfully to become disciples. We also believe that God wants all His children to become Kingdom leaders that God has created each one to be, representing Him to the world with Heaven’s values, morals and lifestyle so that they can impact their spheres of Influence and lead the unbelievers to Christ by life and word.

Our hope is that each one would be encouraged to love God more, to know Him more, to become like Jesus more and more everyday, to grow towards spiritual maturity and to serve for building up of the body. 

Weekly Sunday Meeting: 4.30pm


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