Is salvation necessary for all? What is the need?

The dictionary meaning of Salvation is to deliver/save a person(s) from harm. If this is the definition, then we must ask, is there anything the world needs to be saved from? When we check today’s news, we read numerous issues and traumas people are experiencing. We cannot be blind of the fact that we are not living in perfect utopia. The world needs to be delivered from crime, violence, threat, betrayal, relationship issues, exploitation, suicide, murder, theft, evil behaviour, inequality, slavery, depression, domestic abuse, abandonment, addictions, fear, insecurity, selfishness and many others. All these are the result of two problems – Firstly Leadership and Authority problem, Secondly Sin problem.

Everyone are leaders but not everyone has authority. In this world, we see authority everywhere. When you go to a certain place, you can know the nature of the authority by just looking at the people there. i.e. a certain environment is like the way it is, because of the authority in that place. Who is the authority of this world? The Bible says that the authority of this world is the devil, alias satan (Luke.4:6). Who gave him the authority? Did God give him? No, God gave humans the legal authority(Gen.1:26) but satan deceived the first humans and became the authority/leader/ruler of this world (John.14:30 ESV) through their obedience to him(Rom.6:16) and disobedience to God(Gen.2:16-17, 3:6). Now you can understand that the world is like the way it is because of satan. Everyone in this world are under his leadership/rulership influence and his end purpose is to destroy them.

Even though there is leadership problem, the root is an inside problem called Sin. The ground in which this root of sin grows, is the heart. The issues of life(Matt.15:19) listed above, starts from the heart where sin has taken its root. As the person grows, the root becomes a stem, the stem becomes branches, finally issues are more visible and starts to bear fruits. If you cut a branch, you may think you have got rid of the issue, but the fact is you have only cut one branch from the tree. There are many other branches and the root, that is left untouched. A wise man who sees such a tree does not deal with cutting the branch(using shrine/pilgrim visits or any religious activities, etc) but goes to the root of the issue, i.e. Sin.

The world is like this because of sin and satan. Like we have Superman saving people with his special powers, someone needs to save us from these two problems. So God Himself came down as man. For He sent His Son, Jesus to be a solution to these 2 problems – sin and satan. Jesus came to lay the axe to the root (Matt.3:10 NCV) of the tree. He has the power to save each and everyone from both the problems but He does not save until you ask Him to save you.

Now, what stops you from thinking that the world does not need a Saviour? The good news is, a Saviour has come and His name is Jesus. He is the only one who can save us from our sins (Acts.4:12 NCV). He is the only one who can save us from satanic influence too (Heb.2:14 NLT). Jesus received the legal authority over the earth from satan, after his resurrection (Matt.28:17) by defeating him on the cross (Col.2:15). Jesus is the ruler/leader for those who accept Him and all people who live under Him, lives joyfully (Pro.29:2 NLT) and victoriously over these two problem. He does not impose His rule like the earthly rulers but He wants you to share in His rulership (Rom.8:17; Eph.2:6) by accepting His saving hand of help. So you can be a ruler, just as He is. He rules with justice and righteousness, and we can learn from Him. The Bible calls Jesus as the “King of kings” (Rev.19:16). That’s why the people are glad to live in His rulership because everything is done out of love to God and to one another (John.14:15 ESV). You can be an ruler again, not by ruling other people, but by ruling over sin and satan now. And we must know that those who have received Jesus, are going to rule along with Him throughout eternity (Rev.22:5). This is the good news. This solution is an invitation available to all but satan keeps many people blinded of this solution because only those who believe, accept this invitation, and receive Jesus into their lives, can be saved from the two problems and live victoriously. Satan rules this world by blinding the minds of the people and his kingdom still remains on this earth, for he has not been put out or imprisoned yet. But you can be saved from sin problem(root) and satan’s rulership problem(environment) too. Thus, salvation is necessary for everyone (1Tim.2:4 NLT) and it is available only through Jesus.

What should you do now to receive salvation? Its very simple and easy. Firstly, Repent of your past conscious sins. Secondly, Believe in Jesus for your salvation from sin and satan, and receive Jesus into your life and He comes to live in you through His Holy Spirit. As you grow in spiritual life, you can live in constant victory over sin and satan. Jesus comes into your heart(where sin stayed before) through His Holy Spirit and changes your life completely. Jesus is now your Lord(satan ruled before) and though you still live in this world, satan can have no influence over you.

God is inviting everyone to come into His Kingdom now. Why wait? – Receive Jesus and enter into His Kingdom which is here on Earth today and experience a radical change in your life – An inward transformation. Like this, God wants to change everyone from within and He will not violate your free will that He gave you. He wants each and everyone to make this choice of receiving Jesus into their lives. Those who can see their own sin problem and satan’s rulership problem, and wants to be free from it, will certainly take a radical stand.